Magsoothium is an anti-inflammatory that is infused with magnesium sulfate, arnica and peppermint. Muscles begin to spasm, and the pain is magnified by sensitive nerves when the body experiences magnesium deficiencies. Unlike other products, Magsoothium's unique formula penetrates the skin, seeking the source of aches, pains and swelling, and helps to increase magnesium intake and hasten recovery. 

Magsoothium is doctor-recommended and used worldwide by professional sports teams for joint and muscle discomfort, to revive muscles after tough workouts and even during games for cramps and blisters. Because of its ability to relax cells and draw waste material, including water out of them, Magsoothium is considered an anti-inflammatory and has been used to treat a multitude of illnesses from high blood pressure to acne to seizures.


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