Shipping and Returns

Our top priority is providing the highest level of service to our customers.  For specific shipment status information or questions about returns, please contact us toll free: 800-330-6300 or 610-923-7648 9:00 am-5:00 pm EST (Mon.-Fri.).

What shipping methods are available to me?

Keeping in mind how time sensitive your delivery is, we have various shipping methods available including:

  • Ground -- $12.50 / See map for more details.
  • 3rd Day -- $18.50 / 3 business days from date ordered, (not including order date OR Saturday/Sunday).  Orders placed before 4:00 pm EST will be shipped out the same day & delivered 3 business days later. Orders placed after the cut off time will be processed the next business day.
  • 2nd Day P.M. -- $26.50 /  2 business days from date ordered, (not including order date OR Saturday/Sunday).  Orders placed before 4:00pm EST will be shipped out the same day & delivered 2 business days later. I  Orders placed after the cut off time will be processed the next business day.
  • Overnight-- $45.00 / 1 business day from date ordered, (not including order date OR Saturday/Sunday).  Orders placed before 4:00 pm EST will be shipped out the same day & delivered 1 business day later. If you need Early Delivery please contact customer service department.  Orders placed after the cut off time will be processed the next business day.
  • Saturday Delivery (if available) -- $65.00   Only available for some items and only in geographical areas where Saturday Delivery is available. Orders typically need to be received by Friday morning.

Orders placed after the cut off time will be processed the next business day.         

Shipping Policy

Free Shipping Policy  Residential Only Orders must total $150.00 or more. (Shipped Ground)  The following items are not eligible for free shipping:               

BC-230 6 in. Prody Abdominal Binder with Drain Fasteners

BC-822 9"Prody Abdominal Binder with Drain Fasteners

BC-823 12"Prody Abdominal Binder with Drain Fasteners

T-400 Clear Cold Gel Pack - 3" x 5"

T-850C-4B - High Compression Soft Stretch Wrap with 4 Blue Hot/Cold     Gel Packs

T-850C - High Compression Soft Stretch Wrap

T-470 Cloth Holder with 1 Clear Cold Gel Pack

T-480 - Cloth Holder with Two Clear Cold Gel Packs

T-410 Clear Cold Gel Packs - 3" x 4"

T-420 Hot/Cold Gel Pack

T-430 Soft-sided Gel Pack

T-430RI Rainbow Ice

T-440 6 in. Soft-sided Round Gel Pa

T-450 Blue 7 in. x 6 in. Hot/Cold Soft Side Therapy Gel Pack

T-460 Oval Hot/Cold Pack - 10.25 in. x 5.25 in.

Arnica Montana 12x (80 pellets/120)

MS-601 Magsoothium Therapeutic Recovery Cream

PW-2224 Wedge Foam PillowSG-803 Epi-Derm Silicone Gel         Strip               

SG-801 Epi-Derm Silicone Standard Shee

SG-802 Epi-Derm Silicone Gel C-Strip      

BPK-120 Bleph Kit

EM-130-4 Bleph Eye Mask with 4 Gel packs

CG-100 Consultation Gown

CG-200 Consultation Camisole

FP-650 Female White Full Seat Panties (50/bag)

FP-650B Blue Full Seat Panties (50/bag)

FP-650XL White Full Seat XL Panties (25/bag)

FP-651 Black Full Seat Panties (50/bag)

FP-655 White Thong Cut Panties (50/bag)

MB-660 White Male Cloth Briefs (25/bag)

MB-661 Black Male Briefs (25/bag)

SG-803 Epi-Derm Silicone Gel StripSG-

SG-804 Epi-Derm Silicone Mastopexy

805 Epi-Derm Silicone Gel Areola Circles               

SG-806 Epi-Derm Silicone Areopexy       

BIOC bioCorneum+ Scar Treatment

121483 Jobst UltraSheer - Pantyhose (30-40mmHg) 

115144 Jobst Opaque – Silicone Dot Band Thigh High (20-30mmHg)

115132 Jobst Opaque Knee High (20-30mmHg) Closed Toe

7884415 Jobst Travel Socks

110479 Jobst Universal Activewear knee High (15-20mmHg)Closed              Toe

110051 Jobst Universal Activewear Knee High (30-40mmHg)                Closed Toe

115652 Jobst Opaque – PETITE Thigh High Silicone Dot Band (15-     20mmHg)

115504 Jobst Opaque - Thigh High Silicone Dot Band(15-20mmHg)

115200 Jobst Opaque - Knee High (15-20mmHg) Closed Toe

115168 Jobst Opaque - Knee High (30-40mmHg) Closed Toe

115180 Jobst Opaque -Thigh High Silicone Dot Band (30-40mmHg)

115156 Jobst Opaque - Pantyhose (20-30mmHg)

115192  Jobst Opaque - Pantyhose (30-40mmHg)

115220 Jobst Opaque - Pantyhose (15-20mmHg)

115672 Jobst Opaque PETITE -Thigh High Silicone Dot Band (30-40mmHg)

115660 Jobst Opaque PETITE -Thigh High Silicone Dot Band (20-30mmHg)

115626 Jobst Opaque PETITE - Knee High (30-40mmHg) Closed Toe

115600 Jobst Opaque PETITE - Knee High (15-20mmHg) Closed Toe

115608 Jobst Opaque PETITE - Knee High (20-30mmHg) Closed Toe

110780 Jobst forMen Knee High Support Socks (8-15 mmHg)

115088 Jobst forMen Knee High (20-30 mmHg) Closed Toe

115108 Jobst forMen Knee High (30-40 mmHg) Closed Toe

113100 Jobst forMen Casual Knee High (15-20 mmHg) Closed Toe

113116 Jobst forMen Casual Knee High (20-30 mmHg) Closed Toe

113132 Jobst forMen Casual Knee High (30-40 mmHg) Closed Toe

115000 Jobst forMen Knee High Medical Legwear (15-20 mmHg) Closed Toe

120217 Jobst soSoft Ribbed - Knee High (15-20mmHg) Closed Toe

120209 Jobst soSoft Brocade - Knee High (15-20mmHg)

119170 Jobst Diamond Pattern - Knee High (15-20mmHg) Closed Toe

 119174 Jobst Diamond Pattern - Knee High (20-30mmHg) Closed Toe

119162 Jobst Diamond Pattern - Thigh High (15-20mmHg) Closed Toe

119166 Jobst Diamond Pattern - Thigh High (20-30mmHg) Closed Toe

119178 Jobst Diamond Pattern - Pantyhose (15-20mmHg) Closed Toe

119182 Jobst Diamond Pattern - Pantyhose (20-30mmHg) Closed Toe

International Orders call for shipping details: 800-330-6300 or 610-923-7648


Weather, natural disasters and other uncontrollable events can interrupt shipping/transportation flow –anytime, anywhere and with little warning.


Inclement weather causes hazardous conditions in many regions of the U.S..  This may cause some service delays and disruptions due to closures and canceled mail pickups.   Note that potential service disruptions may not affect Express, Ground, International, Freight, Residential Deliveries, etc. all in the same. This may result in different levels of impact...other variables: which cities, states and ZIP Codes are involved.


To help avoid delays, it is strongly recommended that you purchase your recovery products at least two weeks prior to surgery. This will avoid paying extra for rush shipping charges, nullified returns, or delays in delivery, especially during inclement weather.


We will not be responsible for any shipping delays due to adverse weather conditions.


We ship all packages via FedEx, (or USPS if requested), out of our Pennsylvania warehouse facility. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Care at 800-330-6300 for assistance. Please view the chart below to estimate the time for delivery from our warehouse.


*Please note that the map estimates Ground Shipping time in 'Business Days'. A business day is any weekday that does not observe a holiday. FedEx does not consider the day an order ships out as a day in transit.  They start counting days as the following business day. They also do not ship on certain national holidays, which is not included in their transit times.  In addition, FedEx differentiates between Ground Commercial and Ground Residential packages.  'Business Days' for FedEx are 'Monday through Friday' for Commercial and 'Tuesday through Saturday' for Residential deliveries.  As such, if an order ships out of our warehouse on a Thursday and it is going to North Carolina, which is two business days, the order will arrive on Monday for a Commercial delivery; that same order would arrive Saturday for a Residential delivery.  However, should FedEx take an extra day, the order would arrive Tuesday for the Commercial delivery and not until Tuesday for the Residential delivery because of the difference in 'Business Days.'  We understand that shipping can be confusing.  Should you have any questions regarding ship times, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Care at 800-330-6300 with any questions.

Shipping Map

*Please note that the map estimates FedEx Ground shipping time.   

Upon delivery, if a customer refuses a package or fails to pick up a package, customer will not be reimbursed for the shipping charges that were paid at the time the order was placed.  Please do not refuse any package as there will also be a $10 fee (assesed by the carrier) for refusing the package, and an additional freight charge that will be determined by the shipping carrier who will return the package to Contemporary Design, Inc..


In the instance of a return, Contemporary Design, Inc. will not be responsible for, or reimburse, any shipping charges.


Sundays and most Holidays.

Note: All orders placed after 4 pm. EST will be shipped the next business day.  All orders placed over the weekend will be shipped on Monday, placed on a Holiday- fulfilled on the following business day.


Customs & Additional Shipping Carrier Fees

International orders to some countries may be subject to Customs inspections and fees and/or additional shipping carrier fees (i.e brokerage fees, handling/administrative fees, etc.) based upon each country's policies and the shipping carrier's policies. Medico International, Inc. cannot be responsible for time delays due to these actions nor for reimbursement of any Customs fees or additional shipping carrier fees that may be charged to deliver the package to your country's destination.

For International orders, in case of return or cancellation, Medico International, Inc. will not be responsible for refund discrepancies due to the exchange rate between US Dollars and foreign currency. We refund the amount in dollars that is due, and any conversion differences will not be refunded.

In the event of a package held at the Customs of a foreign country, Customer will be responsible to contact the Customs of his/her own country.  While we cannot contact Customs of a foreign country, we will assist Customer to the best of our abilities by providing any documentation that is necessary for the release of a Customer's package from Customs in Customer's Country.  

Most items ship out the same business day, as long as the order is received prior to 4:00 pm EST.

Do you ship to PO Boxes, APO and FPO Addresses?

Yes, we do ship to PO Boxes, APO, and FPO addresses - via U.S. Mail.  Express Shipping is not available to APO, FPO and PO Box addresses since there are delivery restrictions with most carriers.  Contact Customer Care at 800-330-6300 or 610-923-7648 to place your order.

Order Cancellation

If you wish to cancel an order placed on the same day, please call our toll free number 800-330-6300 from 9:00 am-3:00 pm EST.  For orders placed during the weekend, please contact Contemporary Design, Inc. as soon as possible on Monday morning.  You may also email cancellations to but it is advisable to speak to a representative. We will attempt to cancel your order if it has not already shipped, but we cannot issue any credit until the cancellation has been confirmed by the Contemporary Design, Inc. shipping department.

Return Policy

Please note that by submitting an order, you agree that you have read and accepted all terms of our Return and Shipping Policies.  

To our valued customers, please note the following in the event a return is necessary: Contemporary Design, Inc. guarantees these items to be free of manufacturing defects that would affect their use and/ or durability, unless improperly sized, damaged by misuse, or improper garment care.   In the event a package is returned to us, the original shipping paid at the time of the order will not being reimbursed and an additional $10 fee will be deducted from the refund to cover the freight charges if you refused the package.

ANY shipping claim or discrepancy has to be reported within 30 days after the placing the order. Beyond the 30 days, no claim will be accepted, and no refund will be issued.


Each garment will be inspected upon return to determine the cause of the defect. Credit will be issued only if the defect was caused by material or workmanship. Due to Biohazard and Federal regulations NO garments are to be returned with any fluids (i.e. blood or other bodily fluids) on the garment.

Credit will NOT be issued for garments worn beyond the initial try-on or for garments that have been damaged, stained, misused, soiled, washed, or altered in any way. To avoid damaging or staining a garment, please do not wear any lotions, powders, body oils or perfumes. Additionally, when trying on a garment, cover any drainage holes or incisions. We also recommend that nylons or some type of undergarment be worn when you try the garment on to help prevent any stains or residue being left on the garment. Custom garments or garments with any alterations are not eligible for a return or credit.

How Do I Return Or Get A Refund For An Item?

Upon your request and within 30 days of the invoice date, Contemporary Design, Inc. Customer Care will issue a Return Authorization number. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted for credit. A 15% restocking fee will be charged on all returns, and shipping is nonrefundable. Please contact Customer Care for assistance.

Once we receive your item(s), you will receive a refund provided that the item(s) that you've returned have/has met all criteria that were posted in our Return Policies. Please allow 2-3 billing cycles for your credit to be posted into your credit card statement. When you are mailing a return back, we strongly suggest you request a tracking or delivery confirmation number from your carrier.  FedEx has tracking numbers, and the US Postal Service offers delivery confirmation numbers.  Having a tracking number will help expedite your return, and act as your proof that the return has been sent.  In the event that your package is delayed, this will assist our warehouses in tracking your return.

Defective Goods Policy

A Defective Garment is defined as an item incorrectly manufactured or having defective fabric and/or components. Claims regarding a defective garment should be communicated as soon as possible within 30 days of the order.

Defective items will be replaced.

Order & Shipping Errors Policy

If an orderi (i.e. incorrect item sent) or shipping error is due to Contemporary Design, Inc., the Company will either reship the correct item or reimburse customer for the item price and shipping expense.  All problems due to CDI's error must be reported by customer to Medico International, Inc., within 10 days of the customer receiving the item.  Any order errors reported after this 10 day period will not be subject to any credit or a reshipment by Contemporary Design, Inc..  If it is found that the customer made the ordering or shipping error, Contemporary Design, Inc. will not be responsible for this error. A garment cannot be exchanged or refunded if worn or soiled. 

Damaged Goods Policy

Damaged Goods are defined as any product that is purchased which is not defective but has been mishandled, improperly sized or misused in any way by the customer. Damaged Goods also include a garment that was not properly applied by the customer or a garment that was improperly sized (user’s body measurement does not correctly match to Sizing Chart) by the customer, or a garment that received faulty fabric care by the customer. Damaged goods will not be replaced or exchanged.

Product Life Cycle and Guarantees

If properly handled and not damaged, Contemporary Design, Inc.garments are 100% guaranteed unless improperly sized, damaged by misuse, or improper garment care.

Manufacturing Defect Policy

If a customer is not satisfied with the quality, craftsmanship or design functions of the garment due to a manufacturing defect, product should be replaced. Claims regarding a garment with manufacturing defect should be communicated to Contemporary Design, Inc. in writing within 30 days of the order date or within 14 days after surgery date by sending an email to: Contemporary Design, Inc. will pay shipping expense for replacement garment and damaged garment. 

Lost Goods Policy

Contemporary Design, Inc.'s responsibility for goods shipped via common carrier (USPS or Fedex) ceases when we deliver the goods to the carrier. We cannot be responsible for merchandise lost or damaged in transit. The risk of loss and responsibility for such items are assumed by the customer upon delivery of the goods to the carrier. We will assist our customer by filing their claim of loss with the carrier. However, customer refund will not be issued until the carrier resolved the issue of loss or damage.

Items Returned After Return Period

Items returned in new condition (in original packaging, unworn, unused) after the allowed return period may be accepted for store credit only. Returns sent back not in accordance with the return policy will be evaluated on a case by case basis.



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