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Getting the right size for your garment and knowing how to measure yourself correctly is the most crucial step in selecting a compression garment.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our compression garments, or suggest a product that may be right for you.  We hope that all your fit and care questions will be answered here. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us via e-mail at or phone at 800-330-6300. .

How To Put On Your Compression Wear?    


1st Stage, Compression Girdles and Shapewear:

While seated, fasten the girdle up to slightly higher than your knees. Secure both the hook & eye and the zippers up to this area.
While remaining seated, place both legs into the girdle and gently position the girdle into place. Now stand up and pull the girdle up, making sure to position the crotch opening as far up as possible.
Fasten the remaining hook & eye on one side only, and then carefully pull up that zipper. Please use extra caution to avoid catching the zipper on the inner padding or fabric and to avoid getting pulls in the material from your fingernails.
Now fasten the hook & eye on the remaining side. This side will be somewhat harder to secure, you may want someone to be present to provide assistance. After the hook & eye have been secured, carefully zip up that side.

Important Tips

If at any time during the application of the garment you become fatigued, take a moment to rest.

Zipper Snags – USE EXTRA CAUTION TO AVOID CATCHING THE ZIPPER IN THE FABRIC OR PADDING. If the zipper becomes snagged, stop immediately. Do not attempt to force the zipper in any direction. Instead, remove the garment completely and gently work with the zipper snag until it becomes freed.

Urination – We recommend to all female patients: to prevent accidental splashing onto the garment, purchase a small plastic funnel to position close to the perineum when urinating .

Elimination – So that elimination can be accomplished  easily without soiling the garment, unzip one side and hold the flap securely to one side .

Laundering – We recommend that you hand wash your compression garment in lukewarm water with a mild detergent, and then air dry. Please do not dry your garment in a gas or electric dryer, for it may ruin the garment. To remove bloodstains, simply soak your garment in a basin of cool water mixed with a ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide. Please note that most patients require 2 garments to rotate between washings.


2nd Stage Girdles and Shapewear

Step into your Compression wear. The secret is to gather up the garment like you do with pantyhose. Step into it and secure the crotch against your body, then pull down the legs. Next pull it up to your waist, the fit should be snug for best results.  Extend Compression wear upward to under your bust or over your shoulders depending on the style.  Adjust straps if necessary.  High wasted styles can be worn with or without straps.  Each is designed with a non slip band to hold in place.

Important note: Do not confuse shapewear with our medical recovery garments as these have a much lighter compression and durability level and are designed to be worn long after you have fully recuperated.

Customer Service: Your satisfaction as a customer is of the utmost importance to us and we aim to help you to achieve a rapid and smooth post-operative rehabilitation by providing you with high quality compression garments and quick, efficient service. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have regarding post-operative garments, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure of anything.


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